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Our innovative beam-steering azimuthal resistivity technology is a game changer for geosteering and well placement operations. The first-of-its-kind capability of tracking bed boundaries without continuous tool rotation makes the new technology ideal for any type of BHA involving RSS or motor or both. Blind spots left behind by competition tools during sliding or slow rotation are completely eliminated, thus avoiding a need to relog any such sections. 

Our latest LWD innovations provide you with unmatched visualization of the true structure of your reservoir. Our resistivity tools provide deep-reading azimuthal measurements with 360° boundary tracking to enable proactive geo-steering. In complex drilling applications, our tools help increase reservoir contact, mitigate drilling hazards, avoid fluid contacts, and minimize sidetracks.

Let us help you enhance your reservoir understanding and place your wells accurately, maximizing your asset value.

Azimuthal resistivity data for real-time insights

Running a successful oil and gas company directly hinges on the success and depth of your research capabilities. You need to be able to dig deep and collect accurate data that helps you make important analysis-based decisions. Naturally, finding out information about hydrocarbons isn’t an easy feat. You need specialized technologies that penetrate the surface and help you locate the exact area where the hydrocarbons are saturated. With our state-of-the-art Logging While Drilling technologies, you can easily differentiate between good and subpar conductors of electricity. This is done by measuring the level of oil and water saturation present beneath the surface.

We enrich your efforts through powerful sensors

The better the sensor, the more accurate the results. WRT LWD resistivity tools offer different types of resistivity sensors to accurately detect variations in resistivity around the borehole, from a few inches (centimeters) to hundreds of feet (meters) away.


This allows you to safely and confidently navigate and geo-steer through complex geologic structures, while maximizing exposure of the well to the most productive zones.

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