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Award 2023
For the GeoTracker At-Bit Propagation Resistivity Tool



Home: Welcome

Well Resolutions Technology is a proud industry leader providing state-of-the-art logging-while-drilling technologies to address your geosteering & formation evaluation challenges.
We specialize in developing and commercializing cutting-edge Logging-While-Drilling technologies for the geosteering and formation evaluation markets. As trendsetters in downhole measurements, we help companies all over the world leverage the power of true innovations

Home: Our Technology

Our highly motivated specialists are the reason we're the technology leaders of our domain.
Spearheaded by an experienced team of experts with decades of experience up their sleeves, Well Resolutions Technology has been able to maintain its position at the top. We flaunt a brilliant group of the industry’s most coveted management staff, admirable researchers, and engineers. These people are adequately equipped with the technical know-how of well logging and drilling technologies.

So, be it Logging While Drilling (LWD) or Measurement While Drilling (MWD), we exhibit considerable proficiency in dealing with all su
ch processes.

Our Vision

To explore limitless dimensions of advanced downhole measuring technologies as well as create state-of-the-art products and services that benefit the energy industry across the globe.

Our Mission

At Well Resolutions Technology, our goal is to offer an unparalleled mix of best-in-class innovative products that transform the conventions of the oil and gas sector. We are led by a team of dedicated individuals with ample knowledge of downhole measuring tools that enable geosteering and formation evaluation for a broad spectrum of relevant resources. Over the years, we have tweaked the company culture to best serve the clients amid an ever-evolving industrial ecosystem. 

However, the one thing that still hasn’t changed is our commitment to ongoing research for futuristic breakthroughs.  Safe to say, we firmly believe in the power of innovation which is why our clients never have to worry about redundancies in our commitment.

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