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At-Bit Azimuthal Propagation Resistivity Tools

Make your well placement decisions with the industry's first at-bit propagation resistivity tools.


Key Features

  • Dual-frequency attenuation & phase-shift resistivity measurements

  • Temperature compensated measurements for maximal thermal stability

  • 16 sectors of attenuation & phase-shift resistivity in memory

  • Up to 4 quads of attenuation or phase-shift resistivity in real time

More Features

  • Boundary detection distance up to 30 in. (0.76 m)

  • Continuous inclination measurement

  • Downhole RPM measurement

  • 3-axis shock & vib monitoring in real time

  • Can be run either below or above more (with proper connections)

  • Works in any type of muds including OBM

Collar Size(s) Available

  • Available in 4-3/4 in., 6-3/4 in., and 8 in. collar sizes

  • Modular packaging design permits battery, resistivity sensor, or electronics replacement in shop or at rig site

  • Very short sub (2.92 ft or 0.89 m) optimizes bit steerability

  • Drop-in EM short-hop receiver retains MWD tool string retrievability

  • Powered by self-contained batteries with battery life up to 150 hours


Propagation resistivity only a few inches from the bit permits early water detection

Work in water-base muds or oil-base muds

Available in both standard version (150°C) and high-temperature version (175°C) 

  • Make formation resistivity information available earlier than conventional LWD resistivity measurements can

  • Pick precise casing or coring points with propagation resistivity measurements right behind the bit

  • Provide early indication of an over-pressured zone

  • Monitor lithology variation in real time

  • Detect fluid contacts in the first time

  • Improve well placement reaction time with less risks of drill-out



  • GeoTracker operates at similar frequencies to conventional propagation resistivity tools, making resistivity measurements from the different tools closely comparable.

  • GeoTracker is a plug-'n-play module that can be dropped anywhere on a BHA (with proper connections).

  • GeoTracker uses our universal, field-proven EM short-hop communications system, eHop, for transmission of at-bit data across motor to the MWD system above the motor.

  • GeoTracker sensor module, electronics modules, and hatch covers fit all the different collar sizes.

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