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Multi-Frequency Propagation Resistivity Tools

Illuminate your reservoirs while drilling with the high-fidelity resistivity data made possible by the next-gen multi-frequency propagation resistivity tools.



Key Features

  • Up to 12 propagation resistivity measurements at 400 kHz, 2 MHz, and 4 MHz

  • All measurements are fully compensated for borehole or temperature effects

  • Resistivity range up to 4,000 ohmm

More Features

  • Continuous inclination measurement

  • Downhole RPM measurement

  • 3-axis shock & vib monitoring in real time

  • Collar-based gamma measurement (optional)

  • Annular pressure measurement (optional)

  • H2S-resistance upgrade available

Collar Size(s) Available

  • Available in 4-3/4 in., 6-3/4 in., and 8-1/4 in. collar sizes

  • Specially designed datalink connections allow to run with either top-mounted or bottom-mounted pulser

  • Modular packaging design permits electronics replacement in shop or at rig site

  • Short sub (11.3 ft or 3.5 m) helps minimize BHA length

  • Can be powered by either batteries or turbines

The 4-MHz frequency boosts measurement accuracy at 4,000-ohmm levels 

Can work with top-mounted pulser or bottom-mounted pulser

Available in both standard version (150°C) and high-temperature version (175°C) 

  • Monitor bed boundary crossing

  • Detect approaching reservoir boundaries

  • Monitor water zones and avoid contact

  • Refine the earth model with the high-definition resistivity measurements



  • ResTracker provides resistivity measurements with widely separated depths of investigation, allowing for detailed characterization of the resistivity profile around the borehole

  • ResTracker works in any type of drilling fluids including water-base muds, oil-base muds, synthetic muds, and foams

  • ResTracker has a large memory that allows for long runs

  • ResTracker is designed to work with any 3rd-party MWD system

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